Friday, September 9, 2011

High School !

Man , I Havent Updated This Thing In Forever ! Okay I basically stated volleyball a whole month before school even stated going 3 time a day from 9-5 Sooooo Tiring , now that im actually in school we only have 2 practices a day ! Shi'Kelyn and I see each other a TON ! We Even Have A Class Together ! <3 Exciting Stuff Right ? Kay Bye ~

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter ! (:

First Thing I Thought About On Easter Church ; But Dang i Just Hate It When People You Haven't Seen In Sundays Run To Church On Easter . Then Its Extra Packed Then On Regular Sundays ! But Good Thing They Even Want To Go To Church . But That i Didnt Get To See Because i Missed Church :( I Slept To Late . . , And My Mom Let Me ! After Everything Got Settled I Went To The Park And Hung Out Till Like 10 a Night (:

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Awesome Picture Taking App !

I Got This New App For My Ipod And i Absolutely Love It look at These Pictures ! I Like The Effects !

Monday, April 11, 2011

Aggies First Championship !

I Was So Happy Aboutahh Week Ago A&m Women won their first national championship . And My favorite on the team Tyra White Scored the last point . . They call her the "silent assassin" because she doesn't talk alot, and she does things people doesnt even notice in games . And when they won in an interview the guy goes "i heard they call you the silent assassin?" And Trya Goes "Not silent anymore baby" ! lol i thought that was so cute ! Danielle Adams And Sydney Colson both got invited to sign for a professional team ! Sooo Excitted !

New Boots !

Really Cool Boots , I Loooooveee Themm . Cant Wait Till They Are Delivered !

Daddys :D

My Grandmother Visited all the way from Dallas, We had a fish fry and a trail ride down at my popo wheats. I ordered these awesome boots ! Because ive decided I wanted ride horses in the upcoming trail rides . This is my dads 2nd awesome bike. , . .

New Nephew ? , . .

My Big Sister Shay Just Had Her Baby , And I D K Why I Was So Excited But Just Think I Now Have 4 Nieces And 3 Nephews ! I Fell In Love With Him The Moment I Got To My Dads House ! I Feed Him And He Slept With Me ! So Quiet And He Didnt Cry Either , I Know Great Newborn . Hes So Tiny I Could Hold Him In one Hand ! Love Him Muuchos Byee !